5 Tips to Make Your Boat Sell Faster

5 Tips to Make Your Boat Sell Faster


You’ve had a lot of fun with your boat, but it’s time to upgrade to something bigger, faster, shinier, and more recent. You used to be great friends with her, but now you have “boat fever”, and, like most boat owners, you’ll trade up frequently. You were captivated by the new boats at the boat shows, but before you can purchase a new one, you’ll have to sell your current vessel.

Here are 5 strategies to quickly sell your boat.

Make Her Shine

Any yacht broker will tell you that the first 30 seconds on board are the most crucial. The deal is already half done if a buyer sees a dazzling boat. The three most significant terms in real estate are location, location, and location. For boats, it’s “looks, looks, looks.”

Now is the time to wax the hull, polish the metal, and apply a fresh layer of varnish to the outside. Teak decks should not be grey, nor should non-slip surfaces have stains. A little investment in maintenance might yield thousands of dollars in resale value.


Take all your personal items off the boat since you want potential buyers to start thinking of your boat as theirs. Personal photos have to disappear. No more lipstick or shaving cream on the head. This will not only eliminate personal belongings, but it will also make the boat appear considerably larger.

Don’t forget the hanging lockers while you remove your equipment. A locker full of someone else’s foul-weather coats or boots isn’t favourable to a sale.

Discuss Her Past

Indeed, a boat can sell on its own, but with a little effort, you may significantly increase the selling price. Some astute purchasers have compiled a notebook detailing the boat’s history, including improvements, inventory, and systems. Some have added rip pages from favourable magazine reviews of their boat’s brand and model. In contrast, others have included a record of excursions. This is a straightforward marketing tactic. Include advertisements for similar boats that are, of course, more costly. It should go without saying.

Price Her Reasonably

There are, of course, three prices: the seller’s asking price, the buyer’s asking price, and the fair market value. The market value should be your starting point, as boat owners generally overvalue their vessels. Determine what boats with comparable equipment are selling for, and then aggressively price yours. You don’t want to stay on the market for months; you want to be aboard your new boat.

Prepare the Props

Consider your boat to be a stage, and use props to enhance its realism. A few carefully chosen pieces may make all the difference.

For instance, the dining table should be prepared for a formal supper with placemats, plates, and wine glasses. If you leave your dishes on board, that’s even better. Have you ever seen a brochure for a new boat without an invitingly designed dining table?