Decorate your Walls with these 5 Paintings

Decorate your Walls with these 5 Paintings


All people want to provide their home with an exquisite appeal. There are multiple ways by which they can change the appearance of their space. Decorating the interior walls is one of the easiest ways to add a great effect to any area. An instant difference can be seen and felt with wall décor. Nothing can be as exciting as buy paintings online for wall decoration.

No matter what is the theme and budget for home décor, there is an artwork for all. Picking up an ideal painting for living room, bedroom, kitchen, and other rooms of a home will improve the sense of living. Everyone will praise the positive aura inside your lovely house.

Here, we have detailed about the top 5 paintings for wall decoration. People have rated these painting the highest so these are definitely great recommendations.

5 Paintings to Buy Online to Give a Unique Look to Your Walls

Abstract Painting

Abstract paintings are one-of-a kind paintings that have an ability to impress us all within seconds. This is why we have added it at the first position on this list. You will love to buy abstract paintings for their versatility and uniqueness. They are connected to energy as well as spirit. In simple words, they represent a random imagination in a designer way. The painters essentially concentrate on the visual aspects and elements such as shapes, colors, sizes, and patterns.

Irrespective of the home’s theme, abstract paintings are sure to add an exclusive dimension to it. There are different ways to style abstract art pieces. Here’s a styling idea for you- if your home follows a single color theme, then you can create a bold look by buying abstract paintings in dark colors and big patterns. On the other hand, if your home follows a bold color theme, you can go for a subtle look by picking up light-shaded abstract paintings.

Madhubani Paintings

Every room inside your home holds importance and is unique in its own way. Therefore, all of them need a different makeover too. Here is a great painting suggestion for your worship space or Pooja room- Madhubani paintings. These paintings have been around since 1905 and are trending these days! These traditional paintings generally portray the Indian mythology stories and life, including Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita, and more. You can buy Madhubani paintings as a sign of devotion and put it in the pooja room for a devotional aura & appeal!

Landscape Paintings

If we talk about the highly preferred style of painting for wall décor then landscape paintings are the ones that continue to steal the people’s hearts. Also known as nature paintings, they beautifully highlight environmental things such as animals, trees, oceans, etc. People love to buy landscape paintings because they are elegant and ideal for almost all decors, even for office walls! People who love greenery and nature prefer these paintings on the first hand as they instantly ref;ect their personality and love for the natural elements.

Buddha Paintings

Buddha paintings have been chosen by people for years for wall decoration because they look so positive. A lord Buddha’s painting is a sign of prosperity and instantly make your home or office look and feel peaceful. Owing to its great vibes, this particular painting is a first choice of people in China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Japan.

It is suggested to buy Buddha paintings to create a statement wall look at your entryway. When you place it on the wall at the entrance gate, every person will get good vibes and if there’s any negativity around, it will be all waived off!

Pattachitra Paintings

Just like Madhubani paintings, Pattachitra paintings are one of the best traditional artworks that is loved by people of today. These paintings are made on a different kind of base or canvas with natural products, including clay powder and tamarind paste. The combo of all these items makes these paintings appear rich and classic, making a nice décor product for walls of homes and temples. You can buy Pattachitra paintings for gifting too so you loved ones can also decorate their walls in a classic manner!


These were the top 5 paintings with which you can decorate your walls and bring a change in the aura of the space effortlessly. Buy paintings online from different categories that are mentioned here for different rooms and make a unique impression on every family member as well as guest.

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