Domestic Violence Charges Fix And What To Do

Domestic Violence Charges Fix And What To Do


Facing charges of domestic violence can be a daunting experience; it’s crucial for you to have a clear understanding of the process. Familiarizing yourself with your rights is essential to ensure a fair trial; you can also seek legal representation.

Here is an overview of the legal system on domestic violence charges, equipping individuals accused of a crime with the knowledge and protection they need. From the immediate steps following an arrest to the expectations throughout court proceedings, this comprehensive guide presents all available options, enabling you to adequately prepare for whatever lies ahead.

What’s Domestic violence?

Domestic violence is causing physical or emotional harm to your intimate partner or family member. This includes assault, harassment, stalking, threats, or intimidation. It also encompasses behaviors such as damaging property or engaging in other criminal activities that jeopardize the safety and well-being of the victim.

Actions to Take When Faced with Domestic Violence Charges

Here are steps to take when you have domestic violence charges:

Hire a Reputable Domestic Violence Attorney

While domestic violence charges may appear minor, such as breach of peace or disorderly conduct, you should not underestimate the potential consequences. The impact of a conviction can be long-lasting, affecting your reputation and earning capacity. These charges can show up on background checks and hinder employment opportunities.

Additionally, certain family violence misdemeanors can result in a permanent firearms prohibition. Therefore, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney to resolve your case swiftly and favorably is vital. The knowledgeable lawyer will protect your rights and strive for the best possible outcome.

Don’t Violate Criminal Order of Protection

Reviewing your protection orders thoroughly and strictly adhering to them with your defense attorney is crucial. When handling domestic violence cases, one common issue is “technical violations” of criminal orders of protection, where clients inadvertently contact the victim in violation of the order’s terms. If you face an additional charge for violating a protective order, not only does it carry serious felony consequences. But it also complicates resolving your original domestic violence case, prolonging the process.

Despite any temptation to contact the victim while your case is pending, it is vital to consider the bigger picture. Remember that the protection order is temporary, and the court will lift it. Exercising patience during this time will yield significant benefits in the long run.

Avoid New Arrests

One of the most detrimental actions you can take to complicate your domestic violence case is getting involved in new criminal charges while your current case is pending. Both the State’s Attorney and the Court view defendants who accumulate arrests unfavorably, making it highly unlikely to achieve a positive resolution.

Try to stay out of trouble until your case is concluded. Since domestic violence cases can last up to two years, particularly if participating in the family violence education program, it is crucial to remain vigilant and focused on avoiding any new criminal arrests until your domestic violence case is dismissed.


When confronted with domestic violence charges, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and stressed. However, prepare for what lies ahead to alleviate the anxiety of navigating this challenging situation. Familiarizing yourself with the potential consequences of a first-time domestic violence charge and securing assistance from a skilled criminal defense lawyer to achieve a positive outcome.