Etiquette for Wedding Favor Distribution

Etiquette for Wedding Favor Distribution


Wedding favours, according to wedding planners, are an excellent way to demonstrate gratitude to your wedding guests. As a result, wedding favours are already a fixture in the wedding world, having already become a tradition and an integral aspect of wedding reception etiquette.

Favors From The Stars

Who Should Hand Out Wedding Favors ?

Modern wedding guests demand wedding party favours as an unofficial reimbursement for their time and energy spent attending the ceremony. While the often-minor wedding favour is more of a symbolic contribution than a physical payment, it is still a thought that counts. Moreover, many modern wedding favours designers and collections have recently increased their elegance and design, making them a considerate gift in their own right.

A wedding favour also serves as a sort of proxy at each guest table. While you may not have time to visit and thank everyone during your reception, the wedding favour presentation will make everyone feel appreciated.

How Should the Favors Be Given Out ?

Placing treats on each table adds a personal touch, especially when a personalised favour tag accompanies personalised wedding favours addressed to the guest. This takes a little longer to set up, but it’s worth it for the extra effort taken into getting everyone’s names straight and individually placing them at the setting.

On the other hand, some guests may definitely forget their wedding favours or just do not need to keep their wedding presents for any reason. Placing the favours outside the hall, possibly next to the guest registry, allows people to take an extra or two if any remain.

Who Should Receive Wedding Favors ?

Ideally, every visitor at the reception should get a wedding favour, including the wedding party, any children present, and the entertainment.

Children may be given a specific and distinct favour only for them. These can be placed at their place setting if a child’s table is included in your dining arrangements or next to their parents’ favours.

Similarly, you may choose to arrange a more sophisticated favour for the older members of the party, such as your parents and your fiancĂ©’s parents or your grandparents.

What Kinds of Favors Are Most Effective ?

That is entirely up to you! The perfect wedding favour is something that matches your wedding’s attitude and theme. A few wedding favour shops also provide personalised wedding party favours, allowing you to make your wedding favours or memento favours truly unique.

You can also think about how much money you want to spend on wedding favours to better understand what will work best in your wedding preparations. However, bear in mind that bulk wedding favours can be bought and delivered far in advance, giving you plenty of time to construct favours and tie up any loose ends from the wedding.