How to Prepare for Interview Skills at Home?

How to Prepare for Interview Skills at Home?


Finding a job during the pandemic has become more challenging with the rising number of applications. Nowadays, people also avail online courses to add more value to their resume and profile.

Moreover, online interviews require candidates to comply with all the required skills and knowledge for the profile. The interviewer analyzes the prospect on a few key points: resume/CV, attire, body language, research, competency-based questions, etc.

Therefore, candidates must prepare for online interviews by conducting mock sessions, researching the job profile and company, etc.

4 Tips to Prepare Interview Skills at Home

●    Create a List of FAQs

As an interviewee, you would become more self-confident if you already know about a few predictable questions. These often refer to as frequently asked questions (FAQs) and relate to the details mentioned on the resume/CV.

Besides this, the interviewee may ask about the contribution you can make after joining an applied role. Similarly, the recruiter may even ask for qualities that make you more suitable for the job profile.

The questions might even relate to technical and managerial knowledge, depending on the profile. For example, freshers might have to inform about their next five year plans. On the other hand, experienced applicants may be asked about their prior work journey and reason for leaving the organization.

●    Conduct a Thorough Research

Interviewees must research their interviewer(s) and the organization before the online meeting to understand the work environment. So, go through the company profile mentioned under the interview timings and the official website.

Additionally, review the profile(s) of the interviewer(s) through LinkedIn and find common interests. It will help ease the load during the interview rounds. Moreover, stay prepared for technical and written rounds during the interview if your profile demands it.

Often recruiters allocate time for sending a revert of an assigned task. They even review the credibility of the possible employee through online recordings. Therefore, you should have the required field and technical experience before applying for a job.

●    Mock Interviews

A mock interview imitates the scenario, questions, and tasks of an upcoming online meeting. It helps to boost self-confidence and understand the flaws of an interviewee before the real meeting.

Interviews can ask friends with an HR profile to conduct a mock interview. Besides this, they can even ask family members to help with it. However, hiring an online professional would prove must more useful, as the person would not have personal information besides the resume.

On the other hand, going through mock interviews with friends and family members offers other advantages. They might offer suggestions for improving the conversation or answers to specific questions.

●    Body Language

The most underestimated factor besides attire during an interview is body language. It helps an interviewer understand the enthusiasm towards a job profile and company. Therefore, interviewees must prepare sitting postures during their mock recordings.

Additionally, it would prove advantageous to record these sessions to avoid going through the same steps repeatedly. Besides this, analyze your interview skills as an interviewer hiring for a specific job role. Or you can enroll for the interview preparation course.