Importance Of Hiring A Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Importance Of Hiring A Domestic Violence Defense Attorney


Although domestic abuse is awful, not everyone charged with it is guilty. The false accusation of Domestic Violence can happen to anyone; a minor family dispute can result in someone calling the police. Before one realizes what is happening, one will sit behind bars and face criminal charges in a domestic violence case. A domestic violence accusation can flip a life upside down. It could damage career, reputation, and social relationships. It may also lead to the prohibition of visiting kids. If someone faces a false allegation, there should be no delay in contacting a domestic violence defense attorney. They will evaluate the case, create potential defenses, and uphold the accused’s rights.

Walking Through the Whole Legal Scenario

An attorney specializing in domestic violence cases will first help the client better understand the legal accusations they are facing. They will carefully and thoroughly outline the entire procedure ahead of them. In this way, the accused party can understand what to do and how to behave. Expert attorney makes their client mentally ready for what is to come.

Professional Court Representation

A professional attorney can help avoid hefty charges and jail time. They will represent the accused party for their domestic abuse allegation while offering legal advice during the trial. They will ensure all the parties follow the rules and that the rights of the accused party are also protected.

Building A Solid Defense Case

Although it is possible to opt for self-defense, however, without the necessary experience in court procedures, minor mistakes can lead to significant consequences. Instead of taking the risk of handling this type of mild case, it makes sense to hire a domestic violence defense attorney. They will coordinate evidence collection to build a solid defense strategy.

Material Discovery

The lawyer will fetch discovery material (witness statements and police reports) from state attorneys. They will also dig out other foundational information, such as body cam footage, 911 emergency calls, and video surveillance. They will make an evidence compilation to file an immediate motion. They will also check and prove the exaggerated information, errors, and outright false information.

Consequences Reduction

A skilled defense attorney can bargain with the prosecutor on the client’s behalf for the best result. They’ll also defend the accused against baseless allegations, help with court paperwork, and provide ideas for the defense. The attorney is experienced in this area and will know how to effectively present the defense case so that the alleged party receives an acquittal or significant penalty reduction. Even if the case ends up in court, one can still count on their attorney to gain the opportunity to enter a plea negotiation process.

Withdrawal of Restraining Order

When someone is arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse, the police quickly get an EPO or emergency protective order. Until arraignment, the EPO is still in effect and can either be peaceful or have no contact. Without considering the accused victim’s interests, the District Attorney’s office often requests a no-contact Emergency Protection Order. To convince the judge to withdraw the protection order, a domestic violence attorney can present police reports, information regarding child custody, payslips, and other documents.


Lastly, a domestic violence defense attorney will expedite every stage of the domestic violence case and assist the defense party in reaching a favorable conclusion. This is important because it will let the accused return to their regular life more quickly and help them reestablish contact with their loved ones.