The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Powder Coating Over Spray Painting

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Powder Coating Over Spray Painting


Do you have a metal painting project, and you are wondering how to make it look new? You may be asking yourself what other options exist for restoring the finish on an old metal piece and the difference between powder coating and spray painting. You should consider powder coating over spray painting.

Powder coating is an excellent option as you can achieve a brighter and shinier finish that will last much longer than paint. This article will explain why you should consider powder coating over spray-painting for your next project or if you are looking to update your current coatings.


Powder coating is perhaps the more cost-effective option as you will be using fewer materials, and it does not take as long to dry compared to spray painting. Furthermore, powder coating is going to give you a much better-quality finish for your project. Powder coating takes less time to dry because after applying the last coat with a powder coating machine, the items are immediately baked under very high temperatures. By contrast, it can take up to 24 hours or more before you can finally use your spray-painted items.

Powder coating also helps save money due to its more efficient use of materials. While spray paint usually uses a lot of thinners, powder coating does not need this step since there is no need to apply a primer before applying your finish color.


Powder coating also offers many finish colors to choose from, and they can all be customized for your specific needs. There is no limit to the color you can get, and it does not matter if you want a metallic or matte finish. If you want a more sophisticated and elegant look, you should go for powder coating since its finishes are more detailed than its spray-painting counterpart.


Spray painting is known for being very thin, which means that some parts of the items will be left unprotected due to its capability of chipping away. It can quickly lead to your item being more susceptible to water damage. Powder coating is thick, which helps it resist damage and damage from moisture and sunlight even better than spray paint. It can withstand the elements and prevent them from chipping away easily if dropped on a hard surface.


Powder coating is cheap compared to spray painting because of its significantly lower cost in materials. You can also save money on labor if you choose to do the powder coating yourself since it takes less time to apply the finish to your project.

Powder coating has a longer shelf life, which means that you can save more money in the long run because it is guaranteed not to chip or crack even after long periods. On the other hand, spray paint only lasts for a few years before it starts peeling off.

Now you know that powder coating offers many benefits that paint cannot, and it is also more cost-effective than spray painting. There are many factors to consider when deciding which option is best for your project. If you want a long-lasting finish on your metal items, choose powder coating for your next project.