5 Latest Telugu Movies you Must Watch

5 Latest Telugu Movies you Must Watch


Telugu films have been garnering critical acclaim and a lot of praise from movie buffs in the country. From the films like Bahubali being dubbed to almost every other Indian language, the Telugu film industry is raising the bar for Tollywood and the Indian film industry as a whole. They have proved time and again that the movies they bring to the screen leave their audience with thoughts.

2021 so far has not been very differentfor the Telugu film industry as many good movies are already streaming and more are about to be released.

Binge Watch These 5 Latest Telugu Movies

Telugu movies have a unique voice and storyline associated with them. These movies have an amazing cast delivering mind-blowing performances. Check out the 5 latest Telugu film releases that are capable of holding you at the edge of your seat:

99 Songs

The first on the listhas to be 99 Songs, written and produced by AR Rahman. It is dubbed in Telugu and originally is a Hindi-language movie. Starring Ehan Bhat and Edilsy Vargas, this is a romantic musical you can watch for a soothing weekend.

Here is a little sneak peek into the plot: Jai is a musician waiting to make it big, but not there yet. His girlfriend, Sophia, is the daughter of a rich industrialist. When Jai approaches Sophia’s father for his permission to marry her, Sophia’s father challenges him to compose 100 songs before he could marry Sophia.

Aranya (Kaadan)

Alright, we have seen Rana Daggubatti in several roles till now, but this one is going to be his most memorable one. Rana plays the role of Bandev, a jungle man staying with elephants.

A real estate company, backed by a powerful minister, wants to build a township in this jungle. They cutoff access to the water body, which endangers the elephants in that area. See how Bandev fights the powerful people for elephant rights.

Thank You Brother

Starring Anasuya Bharadwaj and Viraj Ashwin in the lead roles, Thank You Brother is a suspense drama directed by Ramesh Raparthi. This 90-minute venture is a perfect movie to enjoy in that little weekend break, along with all the action movies you might watch.

The movie is about Abhi and Priya who are caught in an elevator. Priya is a middle-class, pregnant woman who has taken financial responsibilities after her husband dies. Abhi is a rich brat, alcoholic, and womanizer, who blames her Mom for moving on and remarrying.


Pogaru is a family dream released in Kannada and Telugu languages. The plot of the movie revolves around Shiva who is a ruffian known for spreading terror in many ways. But from the inside, he is a gold-hearted person who wants his mother to love him just as he loves her.

Starring Rashmika Mandanna and Dhruva Sarja in lead roles, Pogaru is a good old-school entertainer that most people would enjoy watching.


If a story of a girl who is caught in the body of a teddy bear sounds intriguing to you, Teddy is the movie for you. Starring Arya and Sayyeshaa Saigal, this movie is a good one to watch for a fun-filled weekend. Shiva is a guy with a photographic memory and Srividya is a college student. Srividya finds herself in an induced coma and sees her body trapped in a Teddy bear body. She asks Shiva to help her unite with her body.If you find yourself reaching out for the remote, switch to Hotstar where Teddy is streaming now.

Telugu movies are surely engaging and entertaining and we have collated 5 recent ones that you might have missed. So, if you are looking forward to enjoying a nice time with your family or watch regional movies with your friends, we recommend you go for these.