Tarot and Meditation: For Yogis, Meditators and Seekers!

Tarot and Meditation: For Yogis, Meditators and Seekers!


Tarot Cards are among the most fun tool in the world of mysticism used to practice divination. No  wonder, these are explored on a daily basis by its serious practitioner for the benefit of the seekers  looking for some understanding of the situation they are going through. To get a deeper understating of  the meaning the cards have to convey, the tarot readers find meditating on a card daily a great way to  feel calmer, more grounded and highly intuitive, the right mix to make a reading.

If you are just starting out, in meditation or in tarot reading, this blog might fuel your perspective and  tarot reading practice with meditation at its core. Consider taking tarot classes near you or online to  deep dive in the mid sea rather than wetting your feet on the beach.


The word is omnipresent these days even if you open a strictly financial article. It just pops up  everywhere for the myriad benefits credited to it when done right. If you are wondering its place in the  world of Tarot, you need not be patient any more.

Meditation comes with its own set of health benefits, both physical and mental. Those who have already  embraced meditation in one way or the other would vouch for what they achieved. However, there are  many people who struggle getting a hold of what meditation actually is. They consider themselves a  failure day in day out when they do not feel any change after counting every second of their meditating  time.

Such fear make meditating even more unnatural to these people. They know what meditation can do for  them but their buzzing mind just doesn’t allow them to get settled.

Some of the best ways to get meditating:

Guided Meditation: Numerous meditation and yoga gurus take you on a unique journey with their  soothing voices and powerful imageries that the minutes fly by and you feel relaxed after the recording  is over. Even Tarot Guided Meditation are available online. See if that could do the trick.

Tarot Mediation: Most of the Tarot Readers know what is been expressed here. Meditation when seems  boring and focusing becomes a pain, the bold and clear imagery of Major Arcana cards can do wonders  to help focus and let the intuition work its magic. Many people find answers they have been looking  everywhere in that meditative state holding that Tarot.

Pranayam: One of the oldest methods of get meditating is working with any of the pranayama exercise.  This requires focusing on breath in many ways. You can choose the one that strikes a chord and sit on it.  Spend some time on it for that. Since you are focusing on breathing, you are essentially ‘doing’  something to concentrate on. It might appear boring but not when you have set your mind on it.

Om Chanting: Chanting Om helps tap into the universe and its cosmic energy. You instantly feel  connected with your higher self when you start chanting it and its sound resonating in your navel, heart  chakra ad throat chakra. Minimum 21 times of Om Chant is recommended to feel calmer and grounded  and ready for a clear tarot intuition.

Meditating is natural to some and can become a second nature to other if they find an inclination to sit  or a while. Because if someone asks what you do in mediation, the answer is paradoxical: you don’t do  anything in meditation. You learn to do nothing in meditation to disconnect with the humdrum around  you and to enter the spiritual realm with the answers you seek. Advance tarot reading courses can

introduce you to these techniques and many more like these. 

Ultimate goal is to be a better you every day and help others to achieve the same in their life and Tarot  Mediation can just be a door to that!