7 Effective Ways To Improve Writing Vocabulary

7 Effective Ways To Improve Writing Vocabulary


How to improve english vocabulary is one of the biggest concerns of almost every person. Adding unique vocabulary to the worded vocabulary has been one of the simplest methods to improve your current writing skills.  Since the English language is one of the vast and largest of all other languages, you’ll rarely get short on vocabulary terms to understand and utilize.

A broad vocabulary benefits all modes of written and communicating work, from literature to research to article writing to poetry. As a result, the energy you devote to working on your vocabulary is actually energy devoted to building your writing skills.

A written vocabulary is just like that of a verbal vocabulary, which is made up of terms you can quickly recall and utilize. Soon you will see that your ability to explain unique situations, feelings, and thoughts is improving as your vocabulary expands.

Although we did not spend much time learning new words and improving our vocabulary skills in our highschools and colleges, it is still not too late to start fresh. Below is a list of some tips on how to improve english vocabulary.

Since you hear vocabulary terms in a piece of context while reading it’s easier to construct your vocabulary through it. Catching vocabulary terms from a book or a magazine story is much more useful than observing words on a vocabulary chart.  You will not just learn new vocabulary, but you’ll get to learn and understand how they are being used.

  • Use the dictionary and thesaurus

If used correctly, downloadable dictionaries and thesauruses are valuable tools. They will help you remember synonyms that are certainly stronger terms that can be used in the content work to enhance the engagement and develop more sense. 

The other method to master in writing vocabulary through dictionaries is to look up for the antonyms, root terms, and similar words in a complete dictionary description.

  • Play word games

Scrabble and Boggle are two iconic vocabulary quiz games that will help you broaden your existing English vocabulary. Crosswords or word search are another choice to consider.  Back to back rounds of these games, followed up by some notes making will really assist you in becoming successful and better at written vocabulary. Make a word list of the various vocabulary words you discovered while playing the game and go through it again and again.

  • Use flashcards

Using flashcards to learn multiple words is a smart approach to develop a broad vocabulary. A vast range of mobile applications create flashcards simple and quick to manage in the current digital era.  It’s fair to set a goal of learning a new word every single day. You should still strive for doing more and better but it might not be practical to learn thousands of words everyday.

  • Subscribe for “Word Of The Day” feed

To aid you to broaden your English vocabulary, a few online apps and websites like spell quiz will send you a new word every day, through either a site, an application, or via an email. These terms can be added to moving word lists.

  • Use mnemonics

A mnemonic tool is a type of word application that aids in the recall of meanings and appropriate implementations of the terms.  Consider the term evolution, which means “the gradual development of something”.  Split out the word in its constituent parts: “evo ” as in eve with an o and “lution” as a lotion with a u. This is how mnemonics work.

  • Practice by using newly learned words in conversations

It’s not possible to have a diverse vocabulary without understanding the proper use of it. This implies that you must use your own learned dictionary for your own initiative. Make a habit of including that one impressive word you learned while you were reading, or playing word games, or through word quizzes in your daily conversation.

Lastly, for more better guidance and tips visit spellquiz website where you will find complete and proper ways on how to expand your writing vocabulary and how to remember newly learned words that you can utilize in your future written contexts through vocabulary quizzes and exercises.

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