Lesser-Known Facts You Should Know About Lip Injections

Lesser-Known Facts You Should Know About Lip Injections


Filling lips in 21st century is quite normal! This is the typical and non-surgical cosmetic procedure for enhancing your lips. But people should never underestimate the complexity associated to this procedure even it is not an operative procedure.

Despite of being fast and easy, it can be perilous if you opt for an inexperienced practitioner to enhance the lip. Certain things are need to be known prior to undergo this procedure and this blog makes a detailed compilation of information. So, devote a few more minutes to read this blog and collect important information about the procedure.

What comprises of lip fillers?

The most famous substance used in lip filler earlier was dermal filler. But over the course of time, HA (Hyaluronic Acid) comes into space to engulf the entire market of dermal filler.

HA is the natural glucose derivative often found in the human body and hence the filling is proved to be effective. HA is acknowledged due to its organic hydrating specification for skincare along with its ability to get dissolved with time.

Is lip filler safe?

Minimal risks will be there in case the process is conducted by the experienced practitioner. But as it is a cosmetic process, there will be always a suspect of side effects and associated complications.

What are its potential side effects and risks?

Depending on the magnitude of severity some rare and common side effects of the lip fillers are mentioned here for your reference:

Some typical and less serious risks include:

  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Pain
  • Redness

In next 7-14 days, you can come with additional and major complexities like:

  • Infection
  • Filler movement
  • Blood vessel injury
  • Blindness
  • Death of tissue on blocking blood flow
  • Filler leakage from injected point
  • Formation of nodules
  • Inflammatory reaction like granulomas

Is lip filler painful?

Prior to commence the treatment, numbing will be done for your lips. Slight prick can be still experienced when the needle will penetrate into the lips along with dull throbbing. For extreme pain afterwards, ice application and gentle massage by the provider can offer some relief.

What is use for numbing the lips?

A few anaesthetic options are available for the process. Often injection is used for numbing the area. But for this area, topical numbing cream is widely used as it can’t affect the normal movement of the lips enabling the provider to check its natural positioning to make proper adjustment.

Is it possible to bleed or bruise the lips?

Sometimes it is possible to bruise around the lips for 2 week on completion of the procedure. Certain measures are there to prevent it both prior and after filling procedure. Normal painkiller is quite effective to alleviate the inflammation and bruising chance.

From where lip fillers can be done

Lip fillers must be done from the qualified and professional practitioners. Most of the cosmetic practitioners in the city are non-surgical and thus there is no chance of maximum risks associated to the procedure. Certain non-surgical processes have to be licensed and strictly controlled by surgical ones.

This means that only people with proper training are supposed to conduct the filling treatment. Although experienced plastic surgeons and dermatologists are quite suitable to visit for the procedure yet research should be done prior to handover the task to them.

Lip Fillers London is completely safe in this prospect. They not only verify the training assessment and medical qualification but also ensure the safety of the patients. Moreover, when it comes to non-surgical process, the clinic will offer reliable and qualified practitioner.

Does any preparation needed for undergoing it?

Any things which can thin your blood should be avoided before the procedure. It comprises of alcohol, vitamin E, fish oil, ibuprofen and paracetamol. Otherwise, it will make your lips more vulnerable to bruise. In case, you have an existing medical condition like cold sores, you are advised to continue the intake of medicine as the treatment can influence the reappearing of the problem again.

What is the basic price of lip fillers?

The basic cost of the lip injections in London ranges from £215 to £1,500. But Lip Fillers London usually takes £200 to £400 for the procedure.

How much doses is essential?

The dose determination is completely patient’s preference. But it is best to increase the volume of lips at every appointment progressively. For slight enhancement, 1-2 sessions are enough. For a drastic lip enhancement, small dosages are recommended instead of administering it full at a time. It will make gauging of the outcome quite difficult.

Small doses impact the lips’ size, shape and volume. Accordingly, it will be easier for the practitioner to determine the amount needed. Moreover, you have the time to get adapted to the filling substance at the same time.

Does filling is needed for both lips?

Lip filling can be done to one lip too if only one deems for proper definition. You have every choice to tailor any procedure as per your wish; after all it is your physique.

Even interestingly, you can inject a specific lip part only as well. However, the practitioner is only there to conduct the task for enhancing your look. But most of the times, they recommend better solution which is suitable for your facial structure.

How much time it will take to act properly?

Lip filler comes into action instantly. Due to swelling, you may not observe the effect initially but after 3-5 days you can see the impact as the swelling will subside down completely!

In what way swelling can be lessened?

Any oral steroid or normal antihistamine will be prescribed by the practitioner for the reduction of swelling.

How long will it last?

There are two types of lip filler available everywhere- temporary and permanent. Being the most common temporary filling is recommended to do 2-3 times a year. Each session will last for about 6-9 months. However, the time period of the sustainability of the effect is completely relied on the metabolism rate of the patient.

Some people are able to retain the plump lips for much longer whereas some are there whose filling gets dissolved much before the expected time period. On the other hand, permanent lip filler lasts up to 10 long years and it is all about commitment with time-consuming and expensiveness at the same time. Now, it is up to you, which one you will choose to obtain fuller and perfect pout for selfies!

Does every lip filling process is similar?

It is entirely depended on the preferred practise of the provider. Also requirement of the patient is a great contributing factor as well. Certain aged patients don’t want volume and size of the lips. Instead they long for restoration of its proper border and shape which has been lost over the course of time due to aging. So, it needs a varied technique or formula which is often chosen by the practitioner.

Is it reversible?

Lip fillers are completely reversible with easy procedure to withdraw the plump effect. Also, the lips will shrink down to its original look after 6-9 months. In the meantime, if you don’t like it you can remove it; otherwise you have to wait till it gets dissolved completely on its own. Only qualified and experienced doctor can perform the reversible procedure in its most effective manner.

An eraser enzyme called Hyaluronidase is injected for fast dissolving of the hyaluronic acid by breaking them completely. Although, it consumes only a few minute to do but it takes a couple of days for minimising the impact completely. It is to be said that the process is quite painful too.

Always choose a reliable clinic to undergo any cosmetic processes including dermal fillers in London. Only they employ the top providers with so many years of experience to conduct the procedure with minimal to no effect at all.