A Guide On How to Choose the Right Size for a Foyer Chandelier

A Guide On How to Choose the Right Size for a Foyer Chandelier


The foyer is arguably one of the most important areas of a home, but it is also one of the most overlooked. With smaller homes where the foyer is barely visible, it’s understandable how this space might go unnoticed. Despite this, pass-through spaces often lack both style and substance, even in homes with grand entryways.

The foyer deserves better treatment, however, since it welcomes you as soon as you arrive home and welcomes your guests as soon as they arrive. It sets the tone for the whole house. Lighting plays a key role in making sure you make a good first impression in your foyer. There is nothing more stylish than a foyer chandelier, but choosing the right size and hanging it at the right height can be tricky.

A chandelier should be chosen that is the right size, height, and illumination for a foyer, according to interior designers. Also remember to hang a foyer chandelier in the exact center of the room. Here is a guide on how to choose chandelier size.

Chandelier height above the floor

Design professionals recommend that hanging lighting fixtures be no closer than seven feet from the ground. If you use a hanging fixture in a foyer with a standard 8-foot ceiling, it will have to be relatively small so that it fits the recommended height. Chandeliers should be elevated where foyers are taller that this. Generally, in a foyer with a ceiling of 9 to 12 feet, the chandelier’s bottom should be no closer than 7 feet, 6 inches above the floor.

As long as the foyer is two stories high, the chandelier’s bottom should be level with the second floor. In other words, the fixture may be 8 feet high or even higher.

A Chandelier’s diameter

The size of the chandelier itself is also governed by a rule of thumb for interior designers. In order to determine the diameter of a chandelier fixture, multiply the length and width of the room (measured in feet) together, and then convert the result into inches. From this number, you can determine the diameter of the chandelier light fixture. The total size of a foyer is 20 feet, so a 20-inch-diameter light fixture makes a good visual statement.

It may be necessary to alter this rule of thumb in certain circumstances. It is recommended to make the diameter of a chandelier 2 to 3 inches bigger to compensate for extra high ceilings or a foyer that has two stories.

Chandelier Fixture Height

Also considered in determining the height of a chandelier fixture is the height of the room itself. For every foot of ceiling height, hanging lighting fixtures should have a height of 2 to 3 inches. As an example, a chandelier should have a height of 20 to 30 inches for a 10-foot high foyer ceiling. Two-story foyers with ceiling heights of 16 feet could comfortably accommodate chandeliers of 32 to 48 inches in height.

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