Three Big Changes That Can Happen In The Indian Team Due To Injury In T20 World Cup

Three Big Changes That Can Happen In The Indian Team Due To Injury In T20 World Cup


Introduction about the game and perspective of Indians to the game :

Indians have always been enthusiastic and energetic about cricket for decades. The excitement they show for this game will never match any other game in the coming years.

Keeping in mind this level of craze for the game, the Indian cricket team plays this sport with all their effort and gives their best to win the game as well as the hearts of the public.

This can be assumed as a reason why there is high-level competition for the selection in the Indian cricket team followed by fewer opportunities.

Current scenario of Indian Cricket team in T-20 World cup:

Cricket fans were so disappointed watching the recent game of the team in the T20 world cup. Players were not able to meet the expectations of the audience and the country and lost the matches repeatedly.

Even they lost the most awaited match to Pakistan with such a bad score that disgruntled the Indian cricket fans and disguised the glory of Indian cricket itself. Several such defeats were glimpsed in the season itself.

Injuries faced by the players can be counted as one of the factors of defeat in consecutive matches.

Three expected changes in the upcoming matches due to injury:

As injuries were seen so vigorously in the T-20 season this year. Some of the XI

Players were already kept as an alternative by the Captain of The Indian cricket team  “Virat Kohli.” A Few of his options are Ishan Kishan and Shardul Thakur.

Hardik replaced by Ishan Kishan:

Hardik Pandya was reported with a shoulder injury. However, Pandya batted against Pakistan but was later replaced by Ishan Kishan at the time of fielding.

Hardik was seen in form in the earlier matches ,therefore his shoulder injury in such an important match was a huge heartbreak for the fans of the Indian cricket team . His injury lost the hopes of many of his fans and was a matter of disappointment for the team itself.

Bhubaneswar Kumar to be replaced by Shardul Thakur:

However, Bhubaneswar Kumar is fit and fine and is representing India very well in the current tournament, experienced experts like VVS Laxman believe that he should be replaced by Shardul Thakur as Shardul is young and much more active on the ground comparatively.

Moreover, Bhubaneswar has faced several injuries in the past as a result his game is hindered in the present time which is very evident by his performance currently. VVS also added in his statement that this could be the last International game of Bhubaneswar.

Seeing such an experienced and skilled player retiring so early is so disappointing for the Indian cricket fan and breaks the hearts of many of them.

Suryakumar Yadav replaced by Ishan Kishan:

Suryakumar Yadav who was seen replacing the Gabbar of cricket Shikhar Dhawan and played as an opener of the Indian cricket team in the earliest matches is recently suffering from a back spasm and is unable to continue his game due to the same reason. He is more likely to be replaced by Ishan Kishan in the upcoming matches, who was brought as an XI player.

 Suryakumar Yadav played very well in the earlier matches and was seen in the form. His back injury can be considered as one of the causes of the defeat of India in the match and is a matter of disappointment for Indian Cricket fans but still you can choose him in your Dream 11 team prediction for the rest of the matches.


Since the craze for cricket will always continue to rise in the new generation of India in the coming time as well, India will never be going to experience the shortage of young talent in the coming generation as well.

In the near future we are also going to experience a wide range of potential and competition of the players followed by the growing enthusiasm of the audience for the game.

Indians are always proud of their cricket team and will always support them at all costs and at all times whether they are at their highest or lowest. Indian players carry the glory of India and will always be appreciated for their game.