Best Conversation Topics to Make a Housewife Learn Spoken English

Best Conversation Topics to Make a Housewife Learn Spoken English


Teaching English speaking course for housewife is more challenging than to a student or other individual. It demands adjusting to an ongoing busy schedule and managing work at the office too. However, a few common conversational topics can improve the spoken English skills of housewives.

Besides this, homemakers would not find them challenging to converse and become more prone to learn the everyday conversation mistakes. At times, the topics could even fun and involve chats between friends, colleagues, relatives, etc.

5 Conversation Topics That Can Boost Spoken English Learning of Housewives


Housewives often converse about the best places to buy clothing, equipment, gadget, etc. Besides this, they even converse about the prices of different travel bookings, hotels, accommodations, trips, etc.

Additionally, shopping for groceries is often a conversation topic with relatives and friends. Besides this, they may even engage in topics related to online shopping. These include prices of a branded bag, jewelry, cost comparison against nearby marketplaces, etc.

Furthermore, shopping conversations of housewives with friends, family members, and neighbors also involve real estate prices, best value vehicles, activities charges, etc.


Another important and routinely engaged conversation of housewives is home. They constantly converse with friends, family members, and neighbors about gardening, cooking, maids, etc.

Additionally, housewives even ask about methods of improving the living conditions and interiors. Besides this, they even chat about personal goals at home and their relationship with family members.

Therefore, talking about such routine topics in English would certainly improve the different aspects of the language. Moreover, friends, family members, and neighbors might even point out mistakes. So you can make improvements, and eventually, conversations become smooth.


Housewives often share their experiences after attending a party with their spouses, friends, or relatives. Moreover, they even become a host and share a different scenario with other hostesses. Also, housewives attend different forms of parties such ashouse warming, barbeques, dinners, etc.

So, they have varied experiences with different people throughout their lives. Housewives can speak in English during and after the party to improve their skills. Moreover, if they host the party, they can converse with attendees about their needs and experiences.

Besides this, parties can become a good place for understanding different customs. Therefore, housewives can talk in English with people from foreign countries and even regional people that find conversing in English much easier.


Family is important to all individuals in society. However, housewives take a special interest in this topic to improve the lifestyle of the spouse, kids, relatives, or friends. Moreover, they even want to provide any possible help.

So, housewives can attempt to converse in English while having discussions related to the family. The topics could include medical conditions, scheduled visits, kid’s likes, and dislikes, professional goals, family values, etc.

Besides this, housewives can even converse in English on other common topics. These include hired help, holidays, schools, doctors, experience in a foreign country, lifestyle issues, health, etc.