Different Types of Mosses & How They Grow

Different Types of Mosses & How They Grow


Did you know moss can grow anywhere and with minimal effort? The only thing to keep in mind is the sunlight. This plant is simply allergic to sun rays and needs shade to thrive. Apart from this, there are a few more things that can help in moss growth better but then they are not that important for instance.

Yes, you heard that right! And another factor about mosses is that the practice of planting this plant is not too popular amongst people throughout the globe. Some find it fussy and the rest are unaware of the species available in this plant. But if you visit countries like England and Japan, you will see that moss gardening is a popular and common thing. In the past few years, even in many states of the US, people have started planting moss because they are adorable.

So going further, if you wish to make a garden of moss or try to plant this green shrub to enrich your garden, then here are a few options that you can consider planting. Here are a few popular types of mosses that are available in the market, and you can buy them for your garden. So select the best type of moss amongst the list given below.

Cushion Moss

One of the best and most popular mosses in the world is the cushion moss that is available in the market. It is known as Leucobryym Glaucum which is a type of Acrocarpous. It is found in many places across the globe but the most popular of these mosses is in Europe and North-Eastern America. The plant has leaves of grayish-green color and the stem of dark brown.

Mood Moss

This is also a type of Acrocarpous that is known to be a native of North America. It has leaves and stems of dark green color that remains the same throughout the year. This plant is also known as rock cap moss. You can find this plant making tight tufts up to 8 cm high.

Feather Moss

This is a Pleurocarpous moss that is known to be the native of Canada and the Eastern part of the US. One can recognize this plant with its shaggy and stringy look. It is also one of those mosses that love to stay in shade and like many of this category, this one likes to thrive in acidic soil. This is one the best types of mosses you can have in your garden.

Fire Moss

The fire moss is also known as Ceratodon Purpureus and it is a type of Acrocarpous. Another of the same family. This is one of the most popular and widespread mosses in the world. One can find it in almost all the parts of the world including Antarctica. As the name suggests, there is something to do with fire and this plant, right? To clear this problem, we would like to tell you that this plant grows in a place that has recently burnt. Also, the stem of fire moss is of bright red color making it true to its name. It is one the three types of moss that is profoundly available across the globe.

Spoon- leaved moss

Hailing from the Pleurocarpous family, this plant is an amazing option to grow in your garden. The reason being, it looks adorable and beautiful. This moss is commonly found in the US but not in Canada. This moss is also one of those that loves to creep up a wall or a rock or even a tree. The tiny leaves cover the stem of the plant and it seems as if they are like scales.

Fern Moss

One of the most common mosses across many countries, this type of moss comes from the Pleurocarpous family. It has a light brown and bright green texture and is commonly found in South America, Europe, and North America. This is one of the best types of moss in the market. As it is easy to get and plant in your garden.

Common peat moss

The common peat moss is also a type of Pleurocarpous family and has yellow-green leaves that help in recognizing this plant. One can find this in Canada, the US, and Europe as well.


Apart from these there are many different mosses that are available in the market. You can get them online as well as offline. The types of mosses given-above are amazing and easy to find. You can simply have a look at this list and check which amongst them is what you need in your garden

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