Easy Guest Bedroom Decoration Ideas to Try

Easy Guest Bedroom Decoration Ideas to Try


If you like to host people at your place, then you must dedicate a separate room for them to relax and stay for few days. Even if the room is small, you can decorate it well to give it a cozy and welcoming look. If you thought that doing up a guest room is similar to other rooms in the house, then think again. Guest rooms need different details let it be in furniture, bed linen, and even accessories. Let’s check out some essentials of the guest bedroom.

1. Bed: For obvious reasons the first thing that comes to our mind when we are decorating any room, is the bed. You wouldn’t want the bed to occupy all the space in the room, leaving you with little or no space to accommodate other furniture items. We recommend you to use a trundle bed, for the ones who are not familiar with this model, it has an extra wheeled bed that’s stored under a single bed. It’s a great way to save on-floor space and yet create an extra sleeping space whenever needed.

2. TV Cabinet Design: Who says you can’t have a TV unit in a guest room? Choosing a TV cabinet design that’s compact and has storage and display shelves adds a contemporary look to the guest bedroom. Opt for the wall-mounted design with the wooden sleek finish, it can hold the TV, and other gadgets like the remote, set-top, etc.. and reduces the clutter.

3. Bedside Table: Place a bedside table on either side of the bed for your guests to keep their things like glasses, purse, magazine, etc… If you think that’s occupying too much space, then get a small shelf fix right next to the bed, this shelf can easily hold a vase, table lamp, book, mug, and other items.

4. Add an Armchair: If the space warrants place a comfortable armchair beside the window, giving your guest a perfect spot to just sit and relax with their cup of coffee.

5. Accessorize It Well: Make the guest room look magnetic with some great accessories. Add a colorful rug to the room, pay attention to the bed linen and throw in extra bright pillows. We recommend you also place a wall clock in the guest room. Adding potted plants in the room is another great way to make the room look soothing to the eyes.

6. Add a Coat of Fresh Paint: No matter how well you design the layout of the bedroom, overall the look of the room is accentuated only when the wall of the room is freshly painted and stain-free. Create an accent wall, or try the dual-tone painting hack, both are refreshing and will make your room stand out.

Adding fresh flowers, diffusers with great fragrance alongside the above is a must. Make sure the bathroom is well stocked with all the necessary toiletries for your guests to use. Don’t forget to add some luxurious drapes to complete the look of the room.

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