How Does Journalism Affect Our Lives?

How Does Journalism Affect Our Lives?


Journalism is the production, assessment, and distribution of news related to the current events happening. Journalists present news with facts, gather information, and proof after analyzing the situation. Journalism helps people to understand the situation thoroughly.

Role of Journalist and Journalism

A journalist is the one who lets you know about current affairs through television channels, mobile applications, newspapers, social media, etc. Journalists are very versatile and adaptive in any circumstances to give you live updates. There are many journalists like Nick Gamache Ottawa, who have changed the face of news with their presentation.

Journalism is a ‘voice for the voiceless’ that plays a critical role in a democratic society. It raises and shapes the opinions of people. It makes people aware of what is happening by updating them with current events. Journalists like Fredricka Whitfield are capable of bringing improvement to the country by highlighting the most serious issues.

Types of Journalism

Journalism is classified into several types according to the type of information covered by the journalist.

Hard and Soft News

A journalist covers news related to every field that leads to forming two news categories- Hard and soft news. Hard news covers serious events like national and international affairs, business affairs, crimes, etc., while soft news publishes news of public interest related to art, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, etc. If you are wondering how expert journalists present their stories, Nick Gamache Journalist presents ways to share info beyond the traditional media.

Hard News

Following are the categories of Hard news:-

  1. Political news– It covers national, international, and local political events. The journalists share government updates about the election or political campaigns, news related to political figures, or other political events.
  2. Crime news– Journalists cover criminal events and gather all relatable information about the crime. Any action which is against the law is an offense covered in this category.
  3. Investigation news– It involves the investigation of any serious event. A journalist may take months to years to investigate profoundly and prepare the report.
  4. Business news– All business-associated news e.g., related to market, stock market, stakeholders, and big mergers are covered under this category. Journalists talk about the country’s economy.

Soft News

  1. Entertainment or celebrity news– Journalists share information related to celebrities and their upcoming movies or shows. The audience loves to listen to the interviews of their favorite star.
  2. Art and culture news– Journalists cover information related to traditional dance and music, poetry, literature, cultural heritage and monuments, visual arts, performing arts, etc.
  3. Sports news– Journalist provides information related to sportspersons, sports series, sports events at both national and international level, etc. Various interviews are also conducted.
  4. Lifestyle news– Many people have an interest in knowing about their favorite personality’s lifestyle. Journalists share about their fashion life, exercise and yoga routine, interest, and most favorite activities.


Journalism is indulged in our lives in a way that the day seems incomplete without news. Journalists provide us different kinds of info that help us make the best possible decisions after looking through the current issue. They struggle to bring the truth forward with original content.

Sometimes, journalists have to visit several harsh places to explore. They have to work at a fast pace to be on the top in competition with other journalists. Hence, the field of journalism demands courage and confidence from the person who wants to be in journalism.