Fun Activities for a Nursery Class – Here are Some Ideas

Fun Activities for a Nursery Class – Here are Some Ideas


Pre-school is very important for kids because it is the first place where children are climatized to society. Sensory development happens at a nursery along with literary and motor development. Activities that enrich these forms of overall development are necessary for the kids to be ready for life. That is not something kids or even their parents are thinking of yet, but they will thank you for it. These places are also where the initial spark of hobbies and talents takes hold in a person’s life. An activity for nursery class needs to happen constantly. Not only for the development but also to keep the kids physically or mentally active. After a while, one might start running out of ideas for any fun activity for nursery class. Luckily, we might have some ideas that might help you manage the kids in your classroom and even some at home.

·        Pet Rocks-

It might sound strange but it is a great activity for a nursery class. Art and Crafts is a major portion of any nursery curriculum. Pet rocks are basically rocks that you paint. You can buy rocks or have the children collect them from their gardens or nearby areas. For best results, it is better to wash and dry them completely.  Apart from the rocks, you will need acrylic colors, a palette, brush sets, etc. This activity nurtures imagination and creativity. You can also ask them to explain why they chose certain colors and patterns as this opens up a conversation. Some even put googly eyes on the rocks to make the rocks look like faces. It is also a great activity for nursery class at home and they can present their work the next day in class.

·        Alphabet Ball-

All you need for this activity is a beach ball or any ball and a sharpie. This is a great activity for the literary development of the kids. Write different letters on all the sides of the ball. Ask them to throw the ball to each other and whichever letter is facing the kid, they have to say the alphabet and maybe also say a word starting with the alphabet. It merges play and learning perfectly and it is a really fun activity for nursery class.

·        Post-it Notes Math-

 This is a very fun nursery math activity. You can write numbers on a board and write corresponding numbers in words on a post-it note. You can ask the kids to stick the notes that match the number on the board. If you want to go a level further, you can also write addition and subtraction on the notes whose solutions are on the board. It is also a great activity for nursery class at home because it’s a fun way to practice math for the kids without it being boring.

These are some good ideas for fun activities for a nursery class. Constantly stimulating a child can be tough but they need it. The4se activities will definitely help them with it.