Public School V/s Private school – A Discussion

Public School V/s Private school – A Discussion


Providing quality education to youngsters is the motto of almost every parent. But the dilemma comes up when it is to decide whether to admit their children to a public school or a private school. Public school vs. Private school is an old debate between parents who can afford to pay for public schools. But there are pros, cons, and some major differences between public and private schools.

The parents who desire to provide their children with private education must look up to the fact that the benefits of those private schools are worth the high cost. Money is a significant factor when it comes to private education because even when individualized teaching may seem appealing, private schools are not suitable for every student.

Public school or government school is a cost-effective medium of learning directly administered and controlled by the ministry, especially for those who are unable to go for private mediums of learning due to financial issues or language problems.

Here Are Some Crucial Differences between Public School and Private School

Tutor Availability

 As Claimed by statistics, the percentage of teachers is higher in private schools, compared with public schools. It has been seen that due to higher salaries and better packages, teachers tend to incline toward public school. Public school teachers also have more master’s degrees than private school teachers.


It’s a known fact that private schools are expensive. Private schools do not receive any funding from the government but get the fund through tuition. Whereas, public schools are funded by local taxes, except for some small fees that are free.


The number of private schools is myriad. Studies have proved that private schools offer a more positive peer environment. Meanwhile, public schools offer way more than just a positive peer environment. They build you for the gritty & often ruthless life outside the four walls of the establishment. From pre-nursery to +2, the students learn what it’s like to build their formative years without any specialized treatment from the school authority. Where a private school is a zoo, tamed & organized to perfection, the public school is an Amazon rainforest, earn your growth or fade away trying it.

Class Size

A common issue about public schools is the overcrowding of students, unlike private schools. It is a significant issue that inspires parents to seek private schools. But on the other side, Public schools offer experience. From pre-nursery, the student is taught to not judge the quality of an establishment by the enormity of its appendages, but by the quality of the same.


Discipline is a common practice done by almost every private school and maintained properly unlike many public schools, which also has an option of expelling students not maintain discipline, a fact that is ignored upon by the public school authorities since the inception of the child’s education in pre-nursery to the end of his/her education after +2. Discipline is a salient practice in a student’s life and that is why most of the parents would go for private schools

The Density of Schools in India

According to the list, India has nearly 4 lakh unaided private schools, and nearly 1 lakh in there are public schools. Some of these schools are affiliated with either the State government or ICSE and CBSE boards. The least number of unaided schools are in Bangalore Rural, however, there are some best schools in Bangalore.

In the Final Analysis

While public schools provide many facilities for less expensive or free, that does not mean they will do a good job. As a parent, you need to decide for yourself, visit schools and the teachers, and must be prepared to fight for what your child needs. Some parents go in other directions when they feel the public education system failed their children. But above all, a parent must understand where the student thrives in the surrounding.