How Increasing Your Water Intake Can Help You Lose Weight?

How Increasing Your Water Intake Can Help You Lose Weight?


 Drinking enough water may not seem like a helpful method of losing weight, but new evidence does suggest that it could feel like a huge difference. Drinking water daily could help you lose weight in many ways, like boosting your metabolism. However, this is not a signal for you to buy random mineral water brands in India and drink water in excess. It is important to check with your doctor and understand their health care needs. If your doctor ever gives you the greener light, you could use drinking water to lose pounds. It will help you feel the effect in the long run. On that note, take a look at how water intake can help you lose the pounds.

Naturally suppresses your appetite

Believe it or not, drinking water mindfully can surely help you lose a lot of water weight. Water easily takes up a lot of space in the stomach which leads to a feeling of fullness. It also reduces hunger. Not just that, drinking water before eating something can also prevent unnecessary snacking. People who drink enough water on a daily basis have also said it has reduced appetite and body mass index. It also suppresses appetite as well.

Effectively burns calories

Oh yes! Believe it or not, drinking water effectively will help you burn a lot of calories. According to a survey, people who drank 500 ml of cold water experienced a much higher increase in their energy levels. This helped them burn more calories compared to others who don’t. Not just that, water also ends up increasing the energy expenditure of the body and the number of calories that can be burned while resting. Hence, drinking cold water is highly advised for those who want to lose weight and stay in shape.

Efficiently Removes Body Waste

The body is unable to detoxify itself and secrete waste when it is dehydrated. Hence, it is highly advisable to increase water consumption. Dehydration also causes constipation. It also prevents the waste from moving and also softens the hardened tools. Water also reduces body fat from digestive problems like indigestion and diarrhea. Whenever waste builds up within your body, you will end up feeling swollen, bloated and tired. Staying well-hydrated is also an excellent way to retain water waste, which could also add up the extra pounds.

Improves your ability to exercise

When it comes to staying fit and healthy, it is essential that you eat healthily and work out daily. Drinking water daily helps your tissues, muscles, and connective tissues to function well. It also allows your heart, lungs, and organs to effectively work as it helps ramp up the activity level during workouts. Staying hydrated also reduces your risk of having a poor workout or ending up with fatigue or muscle ache. Make sure that you drink water pre- and post-workout to stay well hydrated. You could also keep a bottle close near you to avoid working out in humid and hot conditions.

How much water should you drink on average?

While there is barely any recommendation for the amount of water you should be drinking, a lot of it could also depend on factors like activity level, body size, age, humidity, health status, activity level, temperature, etc. A lot of health authorities have also suggested multiple ranges for regular water intake. Some of the recommendations include 2.7 liters of water per day for adult men and 3.7 liters for women.

So that was a look at how drinking water can help you shed body fat! How much water did you drink today? Drop in the comments below.