How To Figure Out If Your Vintage Jewelry Is Valuable?

How To Figure Out If Your Vintage Jewelry Is Valuable?



It is important to learn the different signs that indicate whether an item of your vintage jewelry might be valuable. One way to do this is to examine the item closely and take note of any unusual markings or metal, marks on the inside or outside, missing pieces, corrosion and other signs that could signify those certain parts of the device may not work. Checking for these signs will help you decide if it might be worth your time and effort for a potential purchase. If you find anything like this about a piece of jewelry, try selling it online in some other form first before making a decision as it may have been greatly affected by wear and tear from being used over time. Diamond Buyers believe that all valuables should be taken care of and not be left in a state of disrepair or broken, especially if they hold sentimental value to the owner.


In case you are new to the world of vintage jewelry and wanted to know, it is described as old jewelry, typically made from silver or gold, that was crafted and worn in the 1900s.

In order for the item of your interest to be considered as vintage it must:

1. Come from a previous century

2. Is made out of gold or silver metal


If your antique jewelry is a bit different from the usual merchandise being sold, you can use this as a way to find out whether it could potentially be worth more money. Gold buyers and sellers like to see rare or unique pieces, so give them a reason to buy from you. For example, if you have an antique locket that has gold inlays on the outside of the case, you might want to get this appraised by someone who can verify just how much gold is present.


For those whose knowledge about jewelry includes a vast array of different metals, stones and other materials, there are also various ways you can look into to check on your potential purchase without having to check every single detail about each item individually.


It is important to note that gold and silver pieces of jewelry are considered to be more desirable in terms of vintage jewelry, due to their fragility and great value. The value of these metals has grown more and moreover the years making them more priceless, seeing that most people only wear this type of metal. As much as one may be aware of what these materials mean in terms of being valuable, it is important to check with the seller on which type of metal the item he is selling comes from.


By the time you are done reading this, you will most likely be looking for ways to check for the signs that could help you determine how well a piece of jewelry might be valuable. However, there can be situations where your instinct is telling you to avoid a certain piece.

You need to know that even though the value of any item of vintage jewelry may not seem like it is high enough at first glance, it may still have significant value if it is old (it doesn’t matter if they are really old or not so old). Without getting too technical about it in this article (that will take time and effort), as far as rarity goes it can be measured in one of these following parameters:

1. Rarity of the type of metal

2. Rarity of the style of a piece

3. Rarity of a combination of both style and metal

In order to be able to check on these parameters, you need to be aware as there are different ways to check on them. Therefore, you will be able to derive your own conclusion as far as evaluability goes.


As previously described above, it is just an obligation for those who deal in vintage jewelry to have a vast amount of knowledge about the metal they are selling. Diamond Buyers advise that you check in case you notice any of these signs:

1. Heavy wear on the item

2. Mold, rust and corrosion around certain parts of the necklace or ring.

3. Light scratches, scuffs and blemishes on the item.

4. The item is tarnished or dirty in appearance from old tarnishing or wear and tear from use over time.

5. The item is missing parts due to elements such as water, time and others that affect metals; for example tarnish-ing, corrosion or corrosion marks (if this happens very soon after purchasing).

6. The item is missing certain parts of a ring or necklace due to wear and tear.

7. The item is different in size than it appeared when it was mounted onto the finger (as you may have noticed in photos).

8. Although most people nowadays tend to work with stainless steel rings, some individuals prefer to buy silver rings for their figures, or gold-plated versions of the same. If this applies to you, then you should find out as well whether gold-plated silver jewelry is worth your time and effort or not.


As you can see, there is a lot more to vintage jewelry than most people think. There is a certain value that you need to know about before you buy any piece of this type of jewelry. It is believed by Diamond Buyers that if you have almost all the pieces in your life that you buy and wear, and then you pass on, chances are they will be worth more than their actual value. That’s why it is recommended to check for certain signs before trying to sell them. In order to learn more about antique jewelry that has the potential for being valuable, you can read more about diamond buyers and how they work. They are in charge of determining what the quality of any item means in terms of its value.