How To Optimise Your Website With Essential Seo Tips

How To Optimise Your Website With Essential Seo Tips


Interested in optimizing your website for the betterment of your brand value? If yes, then you’ve surely landed on the right page. Learning how to score your website on higher results in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing is the most crucial element to ensure your brand’s valuable digital presence. The Best Digital Marketing ServiceĀ Provider Companies surely work on the SEO Tips and Tricks to rank the websites of their clients on the top results of the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is not an easy task. You will need writers, designers, a good team with experience and expertise. Hiring the Best IT Solution Provider Company Chandigarh with the Best Digital Marketing Services can reap your business great benefits. This entire process will require money, but there is nothing more worthy than seeing your brand on the top of the search engine. Isn’t it?


To begin something, you need to know the essential tips related to it. Similarly, Search Engine Optimization comprises a plethora of essential points to be considered while planning strategies.



This step might sound boring to you. But what is important is its causes which it renders for your benefits. Technical SEO is an important part of your website ranking. It is all about optimizing your website for search engine crawlers. These crawlers need to access your site and examine the content and what its contents are about?

Let us introduce you to technical elements of SEO:

  • THE URL: important to separate the words with dashes and ensure to use only those words which capture the main point of the page
  • THE .txt file: robot.txt file helps in directing the search engines to the pages where you want to be indexed
  • XML SITEMAP: listing of all categories, pages, posts, allowing easy crawling for the search engines
  • TITLE TAG: indicates the titles which are featured in the search results. Title Tags are the first thing that a user sees on Google
  • META DESCRIPTION: delivers the summary of the text which is available on the page. The users get a deep insight into relevant content, which is compatible with their requirements

Content is the real king. Search Engine Optimization works majorly on a content basis. A relevant and promising piece of content that fulfills the guidelines of Google will help rank your website on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The Best IT Solution Provider Companies hire content writers especially for the descriptive content of their clients’ websites, ensuring good ranking. Drafting a good piece of content will help in engaging a larger set of audience.


  • It is not always about writing longer pieces of content just to show how much you know. Quality matters over quantity. You may know a lot about a certain topic, but how well you can brief it down does all the trick
  • The content you write should offer in-depth solutions to all the problems of your readers. They should be able to find solutions, advice which attracts them more to come back time and again to your blogs, articles, creating curiosity to what next you will offer
  • Take your time wisely. You needn’t post every day. Your focus should lay on publishing flawless articles that are short, well written, error-free, and most importantly checked on plagiarism sites. These things will keep your content good and audience-focused
  • Avoid keyword stuffing. This phrase is important to understand for all the content writers. Drafting content with a equal distribution of main keywords is crucial. You do not want to repeat a certain understanding again and again. This will bore your readers and reduce their interest. Focus on creating curiosity for them by delivering them with information which is just, relevant as well as valuable.


A slow, ineffective response will keep your readers aloof from the core of your website. Your visitors, readers, audiences expect your pages to load within seconds and not long. No one has that much idle time to sit and wait for your pages to load. It is important to direct your users to your pages. They will land on your page and then read your content. But if your pages do not load then your customers cannot see your content even if it is good and worthy. They will have the same impression about your content as well.

A few steps can help your website’s speed optimization:

  • Get rid of all the unnecessary plug-ins if it is a Word Press website
  • There will be a need to change your hosting plan
  • Compress HTML, CSS, JavaScript files that exceed more than 150 bytes
  • Get rid of redirects, if any
  • Do not feature images and videos which are extremely large. You can use optimizing image tools in this case

Google announced the mobile-first indexing policy in 2019, signifying the importance of new websites which should first be indexed through the mobile version. The older websites should also be updated according to the new policies so that they are on the same pace. Google will take the mobile version as the standard for ranking as well as indexing. The website needs to be loaded, responsive, smooth in its functioning.

If you wish to rank within the Best Digital Marketing Service Provider Company as a leading IT Solution Service Provider, then it is crucial to note these changing policies in mind to stay updated and correct with such policies by Google.


Search Engine Optimization is an evergreen concept that isn’t going away anytime soon. The principles have changed but the main concepts have always remained. It doesn’t matter what content you publish, all that matters is the compatibility it should have with Google and its ever-changing principles. SEO concepts and technique, if used wisely can contribute to a larger extent in offering your brand a great digital presence on Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

So readers, hope you have enjoyed and gathered important information from this article. It is your time now to practice what you’ve learnt.