How to Pick a Favourite Airline? 6 Factors

How to Pick a Favourite Airline? 6 Factors


There are different aspects to consider while picking an airline. This article presents to you some factors for choosing your favourite airline. 

Picking a favourite airline has its benefits. It helps you make your travel more predictable and convenient. Seasoned travellers often prefer flying with the same airline as it helps them make their travel more comfortable. From check-in counters to the seats on the plane to the service, you know what you are getting into.

Selecting a favourite airline depends on your preferences and requirements. For instance, if you are someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot on flight tickets, the price factor will make a difference to you the most. In case you like luxury travel, cleanliness and service may make a difference to you more than the price.

Here are some of the significant measures with regards to picking your favourite airline.

  1. Route Network: A flight with a small fleet running on limited routes will have lesser options to choose from. Thus, it may be advised to prefer an airline that operates on multiple routes. However, this will also depend on your flying patterns. For instance, if you fly between remote destinations frequently, an airline with more flights and better connectivity between tier I, II, and III cities might be your best bet. But if you fly between popular routes, this may not be an important factor.
  2. Full Service or Low-cost Airline: Do you prefer a low-cost or a full-service airline? While one will be low on price, the other will score higher on amenities and services. Choose one that fits your budget and preferences. Full-service airlines offer you onboard meals and beverages, while low-cost airlines will mostly charge you extra if you wish to have a meal or a beverage. Moreover, the legroom in a low-cost airline is lesser compared to a full-service flight.
  3. Punctuality: Some airlines are just known for their punctuality. If reaching on time is the top priority for you, you can prefer airlines known for being on-time. This is primarily an essential factor for domestic business travellers.
  4. The Fleet of the Airline: Do you like flying in the Airbus 320 or 380 or the Boeing 747, or would you prefer a smaller 72-74 seater ATR or a Bombardier? Once you know your preferred aircraft, it will be easier for you to select your favourite airline. While some big airlines have a large fleet with different aircraft types, others have a smaller catering only to select passengers. Each aircraft has its pros and cons. For instance, an Airbus is a larger plane and has room for lounges on board for the passengers. On the other hand, Boeing 747 is a more newly designed aircraft with more modern amenities.
  5. Matches Your Schedule: Some airlines show you more options in the mornings, while others will have more flight options during the day or evening. Your preferred schedule of flying will help you pick your favourite airline. To choose your airline, look at popular airlines and their popular flight options. For instance, if you are flying domestic, look at SpiceJet, Air India, Vistara or Indigo Airlines flight schedule on your preferred routes to choose and pick your favourite option.
  6. Good Customer Support: Last but not least, choose an airline that offers good customer service and support. To find out about the company’s customer support ratings, look at their reviews and what passengers are saying about these airlines. Select one that will help you in times of need.

From packing to reaching the airport, there is a lot to manage when you choose to travel. However, flying with your favourite airline makes it easier to manage your travel to a great extent. The essential thing is to pick the best airline for your journey based on your budget, preferences and needs. Keep the points mentioned above in mind to settle on the most appropriate choice for your necessities. Safe travel!