Parameters to Check Before Hiring an Online Spoken English Tutor

Parameters to Check Before Hiring an Online Spoken English Tutor


Due to the ongoing pandemic, homemakers, professionals, and children have started opting for online spoken English tutors to improve verbal communication skills. Simultaneously, the number of English tutors has enhanced significantly.

Therefore, finding the right spoken English tutor has become challenging. However, a few parameters can help to ascertain the right tutor before hiring. These would also help to keep the objectives in check.

5 Things to Check Before Hiring an Online Spoken English Tutor

● Qualifications

The foremost aspect that weighs as a parameter for hiring an online spoken English tutor is academic qualifications. These would certainly play a vital role in obtaining the objectives of the course or class.

You can even obtain a larger overview of the mentioned qualifications and compatibility by speaking with the tutor online or taking a trial class. Nowadays, highly experienced & qualified tutors across the globe can be easily found online.

● Experience

An experienced online English tutor can provide more valuable lessons compared to a fresher; however, there could be a few exceptions to this fact. But an experienced tutor is familiar with building an interpersonal relationship, cultivating a class schedule based on the learner, and more.

Another benefit of hiring an experienced tutor is comfortability with the subject, i.e., spoken English. A recently qualified English graduate or postgraduate may have the subject knowledge but lack teaching experience.

● Budget

One of the most crucial factors while hiring an online spoken English tutor is budget. Moreover, you would have to weigh the course or class charges against the usefulness. For example, you would have to compare the value of taking an IELTS and spoken English course.

An IELTS course is useful even for recently graduated students because it adds value to the resume and opens opportunities to work abroad. Moreover, taking an IELTS course would prove much more useful than a spoken English class because the latter is included in the former.

● Timing Flexibility

Online courses are available in recorded and face-to-face forms. While the former offers no constraint on taking online courses, it requires completion in a specified duration. Meanwhile, taking an online spoken English course by conversing with a professional may offer flexibility.

Additionally, tutors may even specify available timing slots before beginning the classes. Unavailability during the scheduled timings may become a drawback. However, if the institute or tutor offers flexibility for postponing classes, it can come in handy.

● Communication

The most important aspect before hiring an online spoken English tutor is communication. In addition, a tutor’s proficiency in the language would determine suitability for teaching classes, especially if you are hiring a fresher.

It would help if you remembered to note that the tutor can communicate so that lessons progress smoothly, and you have no doubts after completing the course. Additionally, ensure compatibility with the teacher because otherwise, it can make the learning process challenging.

Study materials, regular tests, progress reports, interpersonal and soft skills, problems, reviews, feedbacks, and testimonials also play an important part in hiring a tutor.

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