Ways to Improve English Fluency of a Working Professional

Ways to Improve English Fluency of a Working Professional


Spoken English has become a very important aspect for working professionals, especially in India. More than 1.75 billion people speak English, and the language accounts for 25% world population.

Working professionals often undergo seminars and workshops to learn English communication to work abroad, get promoted, and understand peers effectively. Moreover, English professional communication varies from casual conversation.

5 Ways to Improve English Fluency of a Working Professional

● Improve Business Vocabulary

A specialized vocabulary depending on the company is necessary to improve the English fluency of a working professional. The best method is to familiarize yourself with the company products, aims, management, terms, etc.

You can obtain details by going through the company blogs, website, brochures, handouts, etc. Practice including the new vocabulary in everyday conversations with friends and family members. By doing so, you can improve fluency and increase industry vocabulary.

● Shadow Native Speakers

Every English tutor would almost advise you to shadow a native speaker online or offline. It means to repeat the exact words and phrases spoken by an experienced professional. The approach is even used by English teachers in schools while teaching kids.

The best method of shadowing a native English speaker is by noting their accent, pronunciation, facial movements, etc. while watching an online video and mimicking. Make sure to ascertain the US or British English become following the footsteps of a speaker.

● Read Academic Material Aloud

IELTS Academic examinees often use the practice of speaking academic material aloud and recording. The method helps learn the pros and cons of a person learning spoken English to move or work abroad.

However, read educational material aloud also helps in sentence formations and improves professional vocabulary. So, you can improve all aspects of spoken English, including fluency, by reading aloud and recording regularly. You also get to learn common errors or challenging to speak words.

● Use Technological Mediums

The best approach to improve the English fluency of a working professional is to diversify mediums of learning English. For example, you can listen to radio or podcasts, watch a movie or video, communicate with a friend, or use apps for assistance.

By doing so, you can learn to speak like a native American in the short period. However, the best approach would include following a professional YouTube channel or hiring an experienced bilingual tutor.

● Take a Course

Although familiarizing and practicing business vocabulary every day can prove useful, it leaves room for doubts and mistakes. Moreover, you cannot test the existing spoken English skills without the help of an expert.

Therefore, taking an online or offline course for spoken business English can prove useful and help to eliminate common errors. Moreover, moving to work abroad might require a good grade in IELTS Academic. Under such a circumstance, you should take an IELTS course.


You can improve your English fluency while enhancing spoken English skills with a professional, friend or using technology. However, taking a course english grammar for competitive exams is the most suitable option as it clears doubts and offers certification