The Realme 5 Pro camera captivates the eyes of gadget lovers

The Realme 5 Pro camera captivates the eyes of gadget lovers


Realme 5 Pro has a total of 5 cameras. There are four rear cameras that Realme calls “48MP Sony Quad Camera”, and one front camera.

The four rear cameras have a wide-angle lens configuration of 8MP aperture f / 2.2 with a 119 ° range, 48MP main lens with a Sony IMX586 f / 1.8 aperture sensor, 2MP depth f / 2.4 aperture lens, and 2MP macro lens f / 2.4 aperture. .

The camera of this realm master smartphone immediately made us fall in love with the quality of the photos it offered. The photos are detailed and have sharp colors. That’s because, the image resolution captured is not 48MP, but 12MP.

Yes, the main lens Realme 5 Pro is supported by Quad Bayer pixel four-in-one technology which provides excellent dynamic range and fine image details. In essence, the camera compresses 48MP photos to 12MP which is capable of providing photos with good and sharp quality detail and color.

Plus, Realme provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technology that can adjust the camera settings most suitable for the photo scenario taken. However, users can still take 48MP photos. The trick, by selecting Ultra 48MP, so it can capture 48MP large images

The main camera of Realme 5 Pro has also successfully amazed those of us who like to take night photos. The quality of night photos provided is very good, minimal noise, good detail, and the right color composition.

This is because the main lens of this smartphone has a large aperture that is sensitive to light, especially with the Nightscape feature.

Continue to the 8MP 119 ° wide-angle lens. Like most ultra-wide lenses, this camera is perfect for helping users capture photos with a super wide range without making the final result convex. It seems that realm has thought carefully about the magnitude of the angle of view with 119 ° in order to meet user satisfaction in capturing the moment.

The result also deserves thumbs up. Anyway, this lens is very useful for those of you who like to take photos of landscapes, cityscape, and others.

While the other two lenses, namely macro and depth, are quite useful for those of you who like macro or portrait photos. Especially for macro, users can take clearer photos at a closer distance up to 4cm.

Now discuss the front camera. This smartphone has a 16MP lens with a Sony IMX471 sensor with an f / 2.0 aperture which is supported by the AI ​​Beauty feature which can accurately recognize and identify the subject being photographed based on gender, skin type, and others.

For male users, don’t worry. AI Beauty will not refine your face to an extreme, because features such as eye bags, mustache, and beard are still visible in fine detail.