Tips on how to brighten a dark living room

Tips on how to brighten a dark living room


We all want our lives to be bright and beautiful, so why not our room lights?

A very dim room or a closed room is less appealing to the eyes. Why would anyone prefer to sit or even spend a second in a room with dim or no interior lighting?

A radiant room embraces new thoughts and maintains that positive vibe within the soul. So, if you are thinking of different ways to bring that spark into your darkroom, we are to help you with some great ideas that can change the outlook of your room.

1. Try to welcome the natural light

What’s better than welcoming natural light into your room? Keep your windows and doors open to let sunlight in. Early morning sunlight has those vitamins that are essential for the human body and well-being.

2. Lighten your room

Decorative lights can brighten your dull room without much effort. How about a pendant light by EGLO for your room? The walls would look so bright and fascinating all day!

You can go for the spotlight, perfect for dinner dates, house parties, occasions, etc. LEDs and CFLs are great options for living room lights.

3. Kick away the dullness by arranging decorative items

Placing floor lamps, desk lamps, or candles wherever required is a brilliant idea. If you are an art lover, handicrafts can do it all for you! Decorative items can be hung on the walls or placed on tables or shelves to make your room attractive.

Dream catchers, stick notes, photo frames, paintings, flower vases, and small plants are ideal decorations to bring a change to your dull room. Hanging light or opaque curtains allows natural light to pass rather than dangling heavy or fluffy curtains that darken your room.

4. Do not overload your room

A room with excessive furniture or woodwork seems to be shadier and clumsier. Make sure the furniture you install is limited to the size of your room. A room should always be spacious enough to walk freely or to have adequate light. Too many things in a room can lead to shadows that can dim your room. Ground-level furniture is ideal for small suites.

5. Focus on the ceiling-

A ceiling can change the complete look of your room. Having the ceiling painted in a light colour can clear half your problems. A light shade ceiling can make your space feel less dark and more attractive. Fixing LED lights to your ceiling is a great move to lighten it up.

6. Mirror placement

Having a lot of mirrors in the room can give your room a luminous look. Placing a mirror right in front of the sources of light can amplify the light. Keep your windows clean and tidy to allow light to pass in through the windows for natural lighting.

It is always essential to keep our surroundings organized and radiant. So, stop existing in your dull room and start living in your dream room with these incredible ideas.

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