What Every College Student in Delhi Should Do To Help Their Careers

What Every College Student in Delhi Should Do To Help Their Careers


Getting into a top college in Delhi may feel like your final destination, but it’s actually only a starting point. It’s what you do in your years in college that really counts. There’s more to college life than lectures, assignments and parties. It can be a time to discover your skills and interests, make connections and set your sights on future career opportunities. So if you want to maximise your job prospects after college, the best time to start is not at the end of your final year, but right now. And don’t worry if you don’t have any ideas about where to start or how to go about it. Whether you’re on campus, living in a hostel near Kirori Mal College, or even continuing your education online, there are several things you can do to give yourself (and your resume) a boost. Here are our top recommendations for what you should do in college to help yourself get a job after college.

Expand your network

College is a great time to meet new people. And unlike the people you knew in school, who lived in the same city as you and who you grew up with, this is an opportunity to expand your social circle and learn more about different cultures. So, of course your network is going to grow just by attending college. To give yourself an added edge, you could try to connect with people beyond your department or hostel. It’s a great idea to choose five people that you see around that you’d bet on making it big in the future. And no, they don’t have to be the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, but they should be people that you admire and respect, who share your drive and your values. If you can make friends with these people, you’re sure to have valuable connections that will last a lifetime. Another way to expand your network is by getting to know your professors. Making an effort to find that one professor whose classes you really enjoy, who shares your research interests or someone whose advice you value can help you find a mentor for not just your college years, but your career choices too. They might be able to give you good references or recommend you for opportunities that you might not otherwise come across.

Seek and create opportunities

Everyone knows that college is a great time to seek internships. And when you’re studying in Delhi, the placement cell of your college will definitely help you find one. But did you know that there’s more than the routine summer internship that you could explore? You could take a work-study experience through the semester, especially if the work is remote and doesn’t require you to travel. With more and more companies turning to WFH, finding such roles can be easy, and help you get work experience (and earn some money) while you study. Not just that, you could apply for research internships or volunteer opportunities within your college itself. These will help you build your skills and make you more job-ready. And lastly, if traditional employment just isn’t your cup of tea, why not use this time to create your own venture? College is a great time to start a small business like a blog, an online store, or even teach a skill. Not only will it be a productive way for you to spend your free time, you might end up building a successful business that turns into a full-time career.

Learn new things

Sounds like a no-brainer. Of course, college is a time to learn. You’re going to spend 80% of your day in classes after all. But that’s not the learning we’re talking about. Go beyond what you study in class or the subject of your degree and explore some other options in your free time. You could do a minor in a different field, learn a new language, or take up something that will make you more employable in your area. If you’re planning to go into marketing, a design course could come in handy and give you an advantage over others. If you’re planning to work or study abroad in the future, knowing a foreign language could make your visa process a lot easier. Or you could even learn things to upskill yourself personally, such as by taking a financial management course to learn how to do your taxes. Whatever the case may be, additional learning is never going to go to waste.

Keep a check on your social media

Of course you’re going to have fun in college even while you’re working hard and acing your studies. After all, you know what they say about all work and no play. But whether you’re partying in the most popular clubs or having Netflix binges in your hostel in Satya Niketan, Delhi to unwind, resist the temptation to share every single detail on your social media. The reason is that most employers nowadays like to run a check on any candidate’s social media to see who they are as a person. And while your party snaps may not be very inappropriate, they may not set the right tone for the company you’re applying to. Sure you could spend the night before your job applications, clearing any potentially incriminating content from your socials, but we believe prevention is better than cure. If you’re judicious about what you post on your profiles throughout college, you won’t have to worry by the time you’re applying for jobs.

And those are our top recommendations for things you should do in college to further your job prospects and make yourself career ready. Whether you’re in your first year or final year, these tips can always come in handy. So, try them out yourself and you’re sure to reap the benefits.

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