What You Should Know About Seal Coating

What You Should Know About Seal Coating


Asphalt is known to be the paving material of choice for many pavement projects. However, the material deteriorates fast when not well maintained. Untreated pavements will dry out, fade, crumble, and crack over time. Top coat sealing Rock Hill will protect and extend the lifespan of your parking lots, roadways, and even driveways.

In this post, we weigh the possible challenges and valuable advantages of seal coating your surface. This helps you decide if top coat sealing Rock Hill is the best choice for your home.

What is asphalt seal coating?

Asphalt pavement is a mix of gravel and sand aggregate held together with binders. The petroleum-based binders make the blend flexible and pliant, even though it’s always where the degradation procedure starts. Water, UV rays, road salt, and other chemicals will quickly degrade the binder, making the asphalt dry out, crumble, crack, and fade.

Top coat sealing Rock Hill reduces these impacts, extending the lifespan of the asphalt. Seal coats are made from paving material and formulated oils, applied in the liquid composition by spray, brush, or squeegee. If you use it at the right time, the seal coat creates a proactive barrier against the components. Effective seal coating will lessen water damage, prevent oxidation, and create a slip-resistant surface.

Benefits of seal coating

After applying the seal, it will soak into the asphalt material and offer important advantages to the parking lot and driveway. Pavement seal coating benefits include:

  • Restores the shiny, deep, and black look of the freshly laid pavement
  • Forms a protective barrier against water, UV rays, oil, and oxidizing agents
  • Replenishes the degraded petroleum binder and formulated oils
  • It keeps the asphalt from becoming brittle, cracking, crumbling, and drying out

The Seal Coast offers faded asphalt a new, fresh appearance. The sun and weather conditions will make the pavement look washed out and grey with time. Driveway or parking lot seal coating will restore sun-bleached asphalt to its new shape. It smoothes out the surface’s look by filling the gaps in the aggregates. Improve your home’s aesthetics and value with a smooth, shiny, and fresh-looking parking lot and driveway.

Top coat sealing Rock Hill strengthens the asphalt by replenishing any crumbling or dry parts in the petroleum binder. UV rays and water dry out the surface over time, while the gasoline and motor leaks deteriorate the binder. So, the seal creates a protective layer against harmful components and oxidizing agents. That way, the binder stays flexible and pliant for a long time.

Potholes are formed when water or oil comprises the asphalt pavement’s structure integrity. Unaddressed cracks in the pavement will turn into dangerous and unsightly potholes. A seal coat will prevent oxidation and block all elements that create potholes in the unsealed surface.

Final word

Before applying a top coat sealing Rock Hill:

  • Ensure you complete all the asphalt repairs.
  • Fill the cracks and patch up the potholes.
  • For badly damaged and degraded asphalt, put down an overly to restore its look.
  • After curing the asphalt, add a seal coat to keep the pavement attractive and safe.

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