Why Use Asphalt for Your Driveway

Why Use Asphalt for Your Driveway


 When you decide to make your driveway, there are significant factors you should consider. It would be best if you had a driveway that should give your visitors a first impression, or when you later decide to sell your home, it will stand out from the rest. The driveway you choose to construct should be carefully thought out since it gives your home an appeal. There are different options to choose from, like concrete, asphalt, and interlocking pavers. The  three have distinct performances but check out why Asphalt Paving Company would recommend an asphalt driveway on your property

Properties That Make Asphalt Stand Out


A driveway constructed with asphalt is long-lasting and stable; it maintains its smoothness and shapes even after repeated heavy loading. Your driveway asphalt thickness should range between 2-4 inches for maximum stability. However, subsoil stability and gravel base depth will determine your driveway stability. That’s why you should do an analysis when settling for the contractor to construct your driveway; at least he should be a contractor with a high rating and years of service.

Good for Different Weathers

Asphalt is all-weather driveways, which are common in each country. The asphalt is highly water-resistant, so your driveway will survive all climates without getting damaged. When you compare it to interlocking pavers concrete, the asphalt driveways perform better. The black asphalt color will absorb the heat faster, melting down the snow in the winter season.


You better choose asphalt if you want a driveway construction option that won’t empty your bank account. The road is smooth, reducing the tear and wear of your car. They take less time to construct, saving operational costs. The driveway will not need high maintenance when it gets cracked; use asphalt sealants after 3-5 years. The crack filling and sealing are both cost-effective, making them easy to construct and maintain.

Quick installation

Working with a sound contractor for asphalt driveway installation will take less time. When the construction preparation takes place, it might take less than a week, depending on where you would like it to be constructed. After driveway installation, you can use it after 24 hrs, and it will harden, and after almost a year, your driveway will be fully cured. During the hot weather, your driveway will start showing minor cracking after one year, but no need to worry; its maintenance is relatively cost-effective.

Smooth and Quiet

Asphalt driveways have a uniform surface with no bumps, which is more fun and safe to drive on. Rough and uneven driveways reduce the driver’s control of the car and the rolling resistance, which causes more fuel use and hence higher carbon monoxide emissions. Whereas a noisy driveway distracts the driver, asphalt driveways reduce the road noise by seven decibels, so you will not need the expensive sound barriers.


The asphalt driveway will give your home a beautiful first impression. Its durability, appealing black look, and quick installation aren’t the only features the asphalt driveway possesses. The driveway is also environmentally friendly since it can be 100% recycled. The company uses 20% less energy in asphalt making than other driveway materials.

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