Hinged Wardrobes Outshine Sliding Ones – Know Why And How…

Hinged Wardrobes Outshine Sliding Ones – Know Why And How…


Buying a new wardrobe feels refreshing and exciting, and they can change the room’s entire look. If you are looking for a new wardrobe or trying to replace your old one, it is time to look at the types of wardrobe available in the market and choose what suits best for you. While choosing a built-in wardrobe, you have two major options. One is the hinged wardrobe, and the other is the sliding wardrobe. A hinged wardrobe has doors fixed with the help of hinges that can be opened outward. Whereas the sliding wardrobes, as the name implies, have doors placed on metal tracks that can be glided from one side to another with the help of runners.

Hinged wardrobes are supposed to be classy ones as they have been in tradition for many years. Sliding wardrobes, on the contrary, are modern and have been introduced by the furniture industry very recently. We often wonder why most people go for hinged wardrobes rather than sliding ones even though they occupy less space. Here are a few strong reasons why hinged wardrobes are better than sliding ones. Wakefit provides you with both these options that help you choose the best that adapts to your style.

Can be Opted for both Traditional and Contemporary Designs

Hinged wardrobes are stylish and can be designed to suit any kind of interior décor. You could opt for the contemporary or traditional style. A hinged wardrobe blends with the respective style effortlessly. This gives a luxurious look and works best in bigger rooms where you have ample space to swing the wardrobe’s doors. The sliding wardrobes are no less in style. However, they do not suit traditional patterns and can feel out of place when it doesn’t match the interior décor. These are best suited for contemporary wardrobe design patterns, but sadly, they are not as common as the traditional patterns.

Improved Visibility

The best quality about a hinged door wardrobe is that it has a wider view of all the contents stored in the wardrobe. The wardrobe’s entire view helps you spot things faster and move on with the rest of the chores. For example, it allows you to pick an outfit faster and easier than the sliding door wardrobe, where you’ll have to keep sliding the doors to view the other side of the cabinet. Moreover, sliding these doors, again and again, might feel irritating and hectic while making choices in the morning.

Can be Used in Angled Ceilings and Irregular Corners

The hinged wardrobes are more of a conventional choice where you can design them in any shape and size. These wardrobes could be L-shaped, triangular, rectangular etc., based on the available space in the room. You can also customise these wardrobes in awkward corners to cover up the ugly space and, at the same time, use it effectively. For example, you can use up the space below the stairs effectively by going for a hinged wardrobe, whereas you cannot customise a sliding wardrobe in that particular space. Hinged wardrobes can also be used in pentagonal and triangular corners of the room, where the doors can be open at any angle.

Better Aesthetic View

Wardrobes with open doors define a dramatic and luxurious look to the room. As hinged wardrobes are in the business for quite some time, they come in a variety of styles and colours than the sliding door wardrobes. There is also an option of glass panels and laminated doors. Check the 2 door wardrobe, 3 door wardrobe and 4 door wardrobe online to see how magnificent they look along with the rest of the furniture in the room.

Easier to Clean and Minimal Maintenance

Since there is a larger view of all the accessories and clothing inside the wardrobe, you will find it easier to clean, organise, and maintain it. The swing doors open outwards to give you enough space to stand and arrange your things in the entire cabinet. But this is not the case in sliding doors. You will be able to arrange and clean only one side of the cabinet at a time. Maintenance of hinged wardrobes is the easiest thing to do as it needs only oiling once in a while, but the sliding wardrobes need to be handled with care in order to keep the runners and tracks intact.

Can be Customized

Customisation is the key to comfort in most homes. You should be able to incorporate your personal requirements into the style of the wardrobe. You can do it easily in a hinged wardrobe. The sliding door wardrobes cannot be customised as they mostly come in standard sizes because of the metal runners and tracks of the sliding doors. You can also attach a mirror to the door of the hinged wardrobe, thus avoiding the necessity of a separate dressing table in the room. However, no mirror attachment can be done in a sliding wardrobe as the door can get too heavy for the metal runners to hold.

More Hanging Space

Hanging space is a very important factor that has to be considered while choosing a wardrobe. From ethnic wear for women to suiting and shirting for men, most clothes are hung inside the wardrobe. This spacious feel can be satisfied only by the hinged wardrobe. You will also need space for hanging sling bags, scarves and belts. Such items can be hung behind the doors in hinged wardrobes.

Hinged wardrobes take up a little room while they swing outwards, but that is not a defect as it gives an aesthetic appeal to the room. They are a smarter choice when it comes to maintenance, space requirements, usage and convenience. Moreover, the hinged type wardrobes can fit any space and corner of the home. Most people prefer hinged ones as it gives full access to the shelves and feels more comfortable. Choose the perfect wardrobe that fits your family requirements. Choose different styles for the master bedroom, children’s, or guest rooms according to the functionality.

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