Personalized Cushions With Photo: The Perfect Gift

Personalized Cushions With Photo: The Perfect Gift


Excellent gift idea, the personalized pillow with photo is an ideal object of furnishing any environment with taste and originality; just choose a particular color, which highlights the context and enhances it. The cushions can create a sense of warmth and immediate welcome thanks to their soft appearance, they are comfortable and practical, and you want to hug them to feel protected and safe.

Putting a few more in the house is always pleasant, and if they are creative and made with special images and writings, they are even more pleasant. In our store, you can find a wide assortment of cushions to give as gifts of various shapes and sizes, to be personalized with your favorite photo.

Creating a unique and exclusive piece of furniture is easy, and in a few minutes, you can transform a simple pillow into a work of art, a masterpiece to donate to make those who receive it happily.

Why is the photo pillow an original gift?

A pillow with a photo is an original gift due to the uniqueness of the photo you place on it – that’s why the pillow ordered from CEWE is not only something to sleep on but also a decoration with emotional content. Such a pleasure to the touch and aesthetic addition to the bed, without which sleep would be a torment, is specially personalized for the loved one you want to give.

 A beautiful vacation photo, a touching photo on the occasion of birth, emotions from a school or university, or a romantic photo of the second half, a pillow with such a private print can keep all the important memories on soft material. Thanks to which we enter the dreamland more pleasantly.

We also wake up better when we see our favorite photo after opening our eyes – we wake ourselves up and arouse memories.

Pillows  of various shapes and sizes

Are you looking for a personalized pillow with a photo to give to your love? Choose the heart-shaped pillow, available in various combinations and colors, and print a photo with a dedication to showing all your love. Great idea for a special party like Valentine’s Day, it is also perfect for giving to your mom for her birthday or Mother’s Day.

Or, you can choose the square-shaped pillow to give to a friend or loved one and choose an image to make a special event memorable. There are many proposals you can find on our site, such as the special Hearts shape personalised cushions, original and refined, which you will make unique with the perfect photo.

Even in the heart shape, the choice is vast, and you will find the very particular Hearts Frame Pillow, or the brand new Paper Heart Pillow, or the  Rose Heart Pillow, and much more, all to be personalized with photos.

Wide choice of fantastic pillow fabrics

In addition to choosing between different shapes and sizes, you can also choose personalized pillows with photos based on the fabric. For example, beautiful and elegant is the Flower Sequins Cushion, bright and luminous, perfect for decorating the home or for giving a special gift, enriched with shimmering reflections that make the chosen image appear even more beautiful.

Choose from the best fabric

Very beautiful are the cushions in cotton, very resistant fabric and proposed in various combinations, to always be personalized with your favorite photo and ideal to combine in any environment. Instead, if you want something different, for example, suitable for a rustic style, you can choose jute cushions, perfect decorating rooms, and offer various subjects.

The custom pillows with pictures are a great gift idea for couples, grandparents, children, and any occasion you want to make a gift that can surprise and excite.


A photo pillow with your photo will accept all your ideas, even the most original ones, and make each of your creative pillow gifts unique. Choose your favorite photo and type of pillow, then give your loved ones and enjoy them. Browse through our offer in the field of ” textile articles ” and start being creative. Or maybe an interesting idea for a pillow with a photo is not what you are looking for? Check out our other ideas.